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    I'm here - now what do I do


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    I'm here - now what do I do Empty I'm here - now what do I do

    Post by Admin on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:08 am

    Welcome to our new online home.  We were using Facebook groups but the fact of the matter is I don't like them.  First & foremost people have to be members of Facebook & not everybody wants to be.  But also you have to practically search for the search feature plus it's harder to organize things so I've just gone back to my beloved forums.

    I call it a community because it has groups, an events calendar, a photo gallery & a chat box.  But don't let the name scare you.  It's simply a discussion forum w/ some cool features.

    You must register, do an email activation & login to use this site.  When you register this software will send you an email w/ a link in it.  Click on the link to prove you got the email therefore your address is good.  If you don't get the email check your spam folder.  You can also register/login using your Facebook credentials.  Since I didn't I can't tell you if you still have to do an email activation or not.

    The news & announcement forums, general forums, community forums, chatbox & events calendar are for the entire community to share.  Family forums as well as family photo albums will only be accessible by members of family groups.  So the next thing you should do is join one or more family groups.

    If you've never used discussion forum software before I highly recommend reading the FAQ's.  They can & have explained things much better then I.

    Next you should edit your profile.  Don't forget after you click on the profile tab there'll be several other tabs you could & should click on.  You can decide what to add or not.  You can decide who gets to see what you add.  You can decide who can contact you.  You can block people.  And you can report people for spam or harassment.  I can't imagine that being a problem here but you never know.

    Next you should introduce yourself under intros.  Then the whole point of a discussion forum is to discuss.  Post topics.  Read/reply to other people's topics.  Come back occasionally to see if anybody's replied to your topics or to your replies on other people's topics.  When typing an email you use a text editor to do so.  When typing a post or a reply you use a text editor to do so.  So if you can send an email - you can post a topic or a reply. Wink

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