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    Help Wanted Empty Help Wanted

    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:21 am

    I'm not your healthiest relative. I'm sick a couple of weeks a month depending on the stress level. Then I spend the rest of the month getting over it & preparing for the next round. So I wouldn't exactly call myself "reliable".

    We need everything. More admins in case anything happens to me. More moderators. And every group should have a few closer kin folks moderating it.

    Once I get this completely set up the hard part will be over. All admins will have to worry about is making other admins, moderators, group moderators & banning people. All moderators will have to worry about is the content posted. And all group mods will have to worry about is their group.

    We also need people w/ access to ancestry, fold3, etc. to join & let us know what they have access to...probably within their introduction post. And if you do have access to these things please look around & read some of these posts - you may be able to solve some of our family puzzlers.

    Thank you very much. Smile

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