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    Forgot Username/Password Empty Forgot Username/Password

    Post by Admin on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:32 pm

    This is a feature. And it's a standard "out of the box" feature on any website you can register for & login Facebook or Netflix or Ancestry or Find A Grave.

    When you forget your username or password there should be a link near the login space that says "forgot username or password" or "lost username or password". Click on it. The questions the software asks varies but usually they ask for your email address which you type in & click whatever button is there (send or enter - something like that). The software will automatically send you a temp password which you use to login then use again to change your password to something you'll remember.

    I have yet to be on a site where this feature don't work. But if you're an admin or moderator here it's not supposed to work for you. If someone takes over a regular members account the most they can do is post things & send messages in the regular member's username. If someone takes over an admin or moderator's account they can do some serious damage like delete members or boards full of posts or the entire community. So here especially admin's can't use the forgot username or password feature.

    This is free software w/ a free host. That means there's a whole lot of ppl (on other sites) using it. There are no regular users having problems w/ this feature. If you do maybe you're not giving it the right email address or typing the temp password exactly as you see it or realizing it is indeed a temp password & you're supposed to change it to something you'll remember, logout & log back in using new password you just changed it to.

    Again this is standard so if you haven't learned this yet you should because if you want to hang on the net this is something you'll have to learn eventually. If this article makes no sense they've got more about it in the FAQ's or help files which are also standard w/ all software programs - be they operating system or computer software or online software.

    Site admins/moderators couldn't help you even if we had access to the servers & databases...which w/ free software & a free host we do not. Passwords are encrypted much like credit card #'s are encrypted - for your own protection. So again it's an absolute must that you learn & use this feature.

    Thanks Smile

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