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    Please Keep In Mind... Empty Please Keep In Mind...

    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:10 am

    This is free forum software & a free host. That means there's not many out of the box features. Most all especially php forum softwares come w/ faq's, a search feature, a members list, profiles, private messages & the ability to add all the categories, forums & posts you please. I believe groups come w/ phpbb but not SMF. But the events calendar comes w/ SMF & not phpbb.

    Whatever features you want that it don't come w/ you've gotta get by way of extra modifications. W/ free hosts they add the extra mods. You're limited to whatever they add.

    This host offers a portal page &/or widgets, a toolbar, blogs, photo gallery, footer links, Facebook connect, points & reputation, roleplay game, chat box, an events calendar & html pages & java script codes.

    Should this community ever become busy I might turn the portal page & widgets on. I also haven't touched the footer links. I haven't touched the roleplay game because I've never done it before & would have to study it first. And I have yet to mess w/ html pages/java script codes.

    So the only thing I can really do is add more categories, forums, groups & photo albums. I can also change themes if you don't like this one for some reason. This is the forum where you request such things. Wink

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