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    Private Family Cemeteries Empty Private Family Cemeteries

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:46 pm

    Not so long ago a VA LaForce joined FAG, added many people & created a bit of a mess. You have to use their search feature. If people have already been added then if you're close enough you can request management. If you're not close enough you can suggest corrections, request additional info be added & request linkage to parents & spouse(s). You can also upload/post & request pics whether you're manager or not. You can also post virtual gifts/notes, one of the main points of the site, whether you're manager or not.

    He added duplicate memorials - which is only allowed when 1 person has 2 stones in 2 different cemeteries - which is pretty rare. He added cemeteries called "old family cemetery on family farm" not once but multiple times. He added a cemetery called "unknown". Like I said - a bit of a mess.

    You have to be very careful when adding cemeteries. You can edit anything & everything on a memorial & delete ones you added at the drop of a hat no problem. But you can't edit the name of or delete a cemetery. You have to go to a special board in Find A Grave's forums & get them to do it. This can be a bit of a pain - especially when they're closed for the holidays & such. Then you have to remember to come back & post.

    I prefer physically visiting a cemetery & getting pic of sign w/ name on it. Then I go through & take pics of every stone I see including ones I can't read & field stones obviously meant to double as headstone. And after a few times I started carrying paper & pen w/ me because I noticed if you can't read it in the real world you probably won't on pic either. Plus some stone material, like marble w/ many veins, is almost impossible to read unless they used wonderful off color when drilling in name or the sun's hitting it just right. In these cases I write info from stone down & transfer info to photo caption box when uploading it. I also note who I'm next to that can be read on either side so I can follow along as far as pics go.

    Once back home in front of 'puter I use their search feature to make sure cemetery hasn't already been added. Check several ways. Like if name's LaForce Family Cemetery check just LaForce. If you find LaForce Cemetery in one county & you know it should be in another click on it & check it out. If the names found within match the names on your pics then it's the same cemetery - just in the wrong county. And you have to go to special board in FAG's forums to have them fix it. If they don't match then there's 2 different LaForce Cemeteries in 2 different counties. I know for a fact there's multiple LaForce Cemeteries in multiple counties throughout VA. Probably is in KY too?

    If someone's added "your cemetery" you can have it corrected, if necessary, & upload pic of cemetery sign. Once pic's approved it'll appear. To have name, address, city/town, county, state, directions, description (history of), & lan/long for map edited or added you have to go to special board in their forums.

    If a cemetery is obviously incorrect they can/will delete it. But especially private family cemeteries tend to go through name changes. If the LaForce's were the first to own the land then it would've been called LaForce Family Cemetery. But then let's say married daughter bought or inherited it. Then it's LaForce-Harding Family Cemetery. Then grandkids sold it to another family. Then it's LaForce-Harding-Jones Family Cemetery. Cemeteries w/ name changes, which aren't exactly "duplicates", can be merged together/redirected. If you type in LaForce you'll get LaForce; if you type in LaForce-Harding you'll still get LaForce; if you type in LaForce-Harding-Jones you'll still get LaForce.

    Next I'd make sure all the people you have pics for, including the unreadable stones & field stones, have memorials. It's best to use entire site search feature in case someone's added them to wrong cemetery or as an unknown burial. If they have correct memorials you can upload pic to it. If they have incorrect memorials (wrong cemetery/unknown burials) you can suggest a correction telling them the right cemetery & upload pic to it. If they have no memorial you can add them then upload pic to it.

    I would see if there's any memorials within this cemetery titled "Unknown Unknown". If so I'd check 'em out to see if I can match any info up w/ barely readable headstone pics. If so I'd upload them. If they don't have any info for you to match up I'd upload both barely readable/unreadable headstone & fieldstone pics randomly. If they don't have any Unknown Unknown memorials or enough to cover all the barely readable/unreadable headstone & fieldstone pics you've got I'd add them.

    If someone hasn't added "your cemetery" then it's all up to you. There is no link to simply create a cemetery. You have to add person. While adding them you note burial method/cemetery name/location/plot. You'd click on buried in a cemetery, type in name, click on state & click on or type in county. It will tell you can't find & give you the option to create it.

    Remember capitalization - ex: LaForce Family Cemetery. Check spelling before clicking "add" because again - you can't edit it. You have to go to board in their forum & get them to do it. You type in name, pick state, county, town/city & add. You can also add this person's plot info or go back later & do it.

    Once person is added cemetery is created. Click on link to view person's memorial & on memorial you'll see link to cemetery. Click on it to visit cemetery page. Here's where you edit/add to. You can add full address, switch counties, add directions & description plus lan/long for map. Also here's where you upload pic of cemetery sign/name. And here's where you find various links. One's to view all the memorials within this cemetery. One's to add new memorials to this cemetery - which is one VA LaForce cousin should've used rather then create multiple cemetery's named "old family cemetery on family farm". One's to view any pic requests for this cemetery. Still another tell you what percentage of this cemetery has been photographed.

    Our VA LaForce cousin said some locals were going to these family cemeteries to get pics. I haven't heard a word about it since. If you're one of these "locals" please do feel free to post about it here.

    If you're family still living near a family cemetery please do help us out w/ this. It's truly best locals add info because you should know, first of all, all the name changes it's been through. But you should also know where it is & who all's buried in it whether they have a stone or not.

    Thank you Smile

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