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    The will of Henry Farrar


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    The will of Henry Farrar Empty The will of Henry Farrar

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:21 pm

    Will of Henry Ferror of Ewewood (includes original spellings)
    1548 June 25 "In die noie amen vicesimo quinto die mensis Junij ano dni millimo quingentestimo quadragesimop octavo. I Henry Ferror of Ewewood (Yorks) of hool mynde and pfete memorie thanks be to God make and ordene this my last will and testamente as hereafter followithe firste and principally I bequeath my sould unto Almighty God my maker and Redemer and my bodie to be buried within the churche of Heptonstalle and my mortuarie to the Vicare thereof accordinge to the Kings Statuts ordeind for that purpose also I ordaine and make Agnes Ferror my wif and Agnes Ferror my youngest daughter myne executices unto whom I give and bequeathe all my hool goods and cattelles and detts in whose hands soever they bee also I will and give unto the said Agnes my wife and Agnes my daughter myne executrices and to their assignes all those my messuages lands tents meadowes woods pastures rents revisions and vices with thappuirteunces in Midgeelane in the countie of York called Overrwheyeteleyghe nowe in the tenues of me the said Henrie Ferror, Robte Helywell, John Hyen, Thomas Helywell, Chrofer Helywell, and Henry Gawinforthe because they are holden by sokeaige tenue unto thend and terme of xi yeres be fullye complete and ended nexte immediately after my decease to the use prefaremente and marriage of the saide Agnes my daughter and towards the painge of my debts also I orden and make John Ferror of Elffaburghe, John Horsfall of Stoythlaye, Willm Ferror and Henrie Ferror my sones the Supervisors of this my present will and testament to see it fulfilled and executed in all things. Thies witnes John Feror of Averods, Henrie Gawinforthe (Bomforthe), Robert Bentlie Clerke and others.
    The twenty sixth day of November 1549 the will of Henrie Ferror late of Ewewood Chapelrie of Heptonstall in the Diocese of York deceased was proved in the Exchequer Court of York by Agnes Ferror relict if the deceased the Executrixes in the said Will named.
    York 13/597
    Farrar Wills and Administrations, p. 33)

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